Digital trustee as an opportunity for your SME

Digitizing your company opens up many opportunities to massively increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase competitiveness. This will increase customer satisfaction and, not least, your sales.

Accounts payable management digital and (almost) automatic

Most companies process accounts payable invoices in many manual steps. Optimally, up to 50% of this time can be saved, through the use of advanced technologies such as automated accounts payable programs and bank-linked accounting tools.

New generation accounts payable programs offer the possibility to scan invoices and generate a posting proposal directly from them. Relevant information such as invoice data, amounts and vendor accounts are read and extracted by machine. Based on this data, accounting proposals are automatically generated, which can then be reviewed and confirmed by your trustee or accountant. This avoids manual entry of invoice data and minimizes sources of error.

In addition, bank-connected accounting tools can be used, which synchronize bank payments in real time and post them automatically. The tedious manual entry of payments into the accounting system thus becomes obsolete.

Digital personnel administration: a win-win situation for employer and employee

Progressive digitization has also revolutionized human resources management and offers companies and their employees numerous advantages. By using digital solutions, administrative tasks can be simplified and time-saving processes can be established.

One of the major improvements is the ability to send wage statements and pay stubs directly to the employee’s cell phone. Using mobile apps or secure online platforms specially developed for this purpose, employees can access their pay slips and wage statements quickly, conveniently and, above all, at any time.

Furthermore, employees can upload and post expense receipts to the aforementioned mobile app with just a few clicks. The employer can also either approve or reject the recorded expenses by means of a few clicks. This automated process handling eliminates the very time-consuming “expense sheet administration” in no time.

In addition, employees can independently update their personal data, such as addresses, changes in marital status or bank details, without having to rely on the support of the HR department. This reduces the administrative burden on both contracting parties.

Digitize financing? Tokenization makes it possible!

For any SME, financing growth is a major challenge. Loan financing with the help of banks is not always one of the best and most popular solutions. However, the company owners often do not have the necessary funds to finance growth themselves. The search for investors is extremely complex, especially when third-party investors are sought on the open market.

Companies listed on the stock exchange – almost 230 of the 500,000 companies registered in Switzerland – have an easier time of it: since some of their shares and debt securities (e.g. bonds or convertible bonds) are listed on the stock exchange, raising capital is much easier, but also much more expensive.

But here, too, digitization delivers more cost-effective and time-efficient solutions. With the help of tokenization of shares or debt securities, your SME gets access to various platforms, which, with the help of blockchain technology, bring together investors and SMEs with capital needs. The handling is amazingly simple and straightforward.

Unita finds individual ways

The range of digitization solutions is growing rapidly, and the opportunities for SMEs are enormous. The Unita team will be happy to help you find the optimal solution for your business with comprehensive, personalized advice.

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