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As auditing experts, we perform audits of financial statements to verify the accuracy, propriety and reliability of companies’ financial statements. We attach particular importance to ensuring that the financial reports comply with statutory requirements and present a true and fair view of the economic situation of the company.

Our limited audits of SME companies are a special form of audit. In doing so, we focus on the essential audit areas in order to minimize costs for the company. These types of audits are particularly suitable for smaller and medium-sized companies that wish to benefit from the expertise of our auditors.

Another focus of our work is special testing. These are used to review specific topics and issues, such as the review of internal control systems or the valuation of investments. We place particular emphasis on individual support and advice for our customers.

Qualified formations, capital increases and decreases, revaluations as well as special audits and reviews are also part of our range of services. We support our customers in the implementation of these measures and ensure that all legal specifications and requirements are met.

Our many years of experience in the field of auditing enable us to master even complex challenges and provide our clients with comprehensive and reliable advice. We are always happy to discuss your individual needs and requirements and offer you customized solutions.

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