Succession planning: Already planned?

15.1% of all SMEs have not yet arranged their succession, as Dun & Bradstreet shows in its evaluation “SME Succession Switzerland 2023”. Have you already thought about this?

Successful succession planning is critical to the continuation of your SME. Here are some points to consider as a business owner:

  1. Timely planning: We recommend that succession planning be initiated 10 years before the planned handover. This time period allows for comprehensive planning and careful identification and introduction of a successor.
  2. Selecting the successor: whether within the family, among employees or externally, choose someone who has the necessary skills and willingness to act as an entrepreneur.
  3. Transition strategy: explore various transition options, such as selling the business, handing it over to a relative, or implementing an employee stock ownership plan.
  4. Legal and financial aspects: Here, all financial, tax and legal aspects must be regulated for all parties involved. The risks involved should not be underestimated!
  5. Communication: Clear and well-planned communication helps to prevent uncertainty among employees and business partners.
  6. Flexibility: Be ready to make adjustments and respond to unexpected challenges. The process always involves the unexpected. However, thorough preparation helps to ensure success.

Professional advice is essential to ensure a successful succession plan. Plan wisely and secure the future of your SME.

The Unita team is happy to help and advise them holistically.

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